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As a motorcyclist myself I understand the physical demands our lifestyle puts on our bodies. I will work with you to create an effective, individualized treatment plan to assist you in addressing your unique needs such as preparing for, or recovering from:

~ road trips
~ track days
~ road racing
~ dirt & trail riding
~ injuries

Road Trips
Motorcycle riding is an exciting sport, unfortunately, hand pain from gripping the throttle can make it less enjoyable. Discomfort can range from a slight tingling to painful, throbbing cramps. Additionally, long days in the saddle can also cause discomfort and pain in the forearms and wrists as well as the back and glutes.

Massage and self-care stretches can help relieve the tension in the delicate structures of the forearm and wrist and can also help move excess fluid away from the irritated area which will allow for more complete range of motion.

Track Days / Road Racing
Motorcycle racing is one of the most physically demanding endurance sports in the world because riders are constantly using their bodies to push, pull, and lean the bike. This can lead to muscle fatigue and post-track stiffness and soreness.

Dirt & Trail Riding
A day riding in the dirt can be punishing to your entire body; every bump and dip sends energy shock waves through your limbs and spine.

Injury Recovery
A good course of post-injury massage therapy and/or bodywork can be incredibly beneficial in relieving physical pain, as well as the possible stress and anxiety while recovering. Massage therapy and bodywork can help injury recovery through:

~ Increasing blood flow to the affected areas
~ Promoting healing by reducing swelling and fluid build-up
~ Flushing out harmful waste products that have been accumulating
~ Increasing the range of movement and motion
~ Preventing the formation of scar tissue
~ Reducing stress by “resetting” your autonomic nervous system

Fit, relaxed and properly trained riders can hold tighter lines through corners, make better split-second decisions and maintain greater control of themselves and their machines.

Making regular massage therapy, energy healing or assisted stretching a part of your motorcycling lifestyle will give you the edge you need to go those extra miles.

me & my '88 Hawk at Badlands, SD

me & my ’88 Hawk at Badlands, SD


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