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Spring is here and it’s time to do some Spring cleaning – and that includes your insides.







3oz green tea

2oz dried red clover blossoms

2oz dried calendula flowers

1oz dried burdock root

1oz dried lavender flowers

1oz dried dandelion leaf

1oz dried ginger root

combine the ingredients in a bowl and while gently mixing  with your hands slightly crumble the herbs and flowers to release their medicine, flavor and aroma ~ once mixed store in an airtight container & keep in the freezer to maintain freshness and potency

to brew : scoop one teaspoon into a tea strainer, or if you’re feeling fancy scoop into empty tea bags* to take with you or to share


* these ingredients can be found at health food/herbs stores such as Larrabee’s (Elmwood Park,IL) or on-line from Mountain Rose Herbs


Healthy Habits for Back to School

Crisp new clothes, backpacks bursting with school supplies, and fresh haircuts. Kids are headed back to school; it’s as sure a sign that fall is in the air as the leaves turning color. Autumn also means more demanding schedules for all kids—kindergarteners and high school students alike. Instill healthy routines in September to help keep your child robust throughout the school year.

  • Keep moving

The shift from outdoors to the classroom can mean a big drop in physical activity. Redirect children who head straight for the computer or television once the closing bell rings. Sign your child up for organized sports teams such as soccer or swimming, or after-school activities such as martial arts, gymnastics, dance, or yoga. Make exercise a family affair as well. Walk to your errands and to the park, hike a local trail, take a group bike ride, or work together in the garden.

  • Salute the sandman

In addition to its negative effects on overall health, lack of sleep has been found to be a major factor in poor school performance and behavioral problems. Establish a consistent sleep routine for the school year with set bedtimes. Younger children may need to adjust to going to bed earlier, so incrementally move bedtime back by 10 to 15 minutes over the course of the first week of school.

  • Make that morning meal mandatory

It’s widely held that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that children who regularly eat breakfast score better on standardized tests, experience fewer behavioral problems, and are less hyperactive than children who miss breakfast. Serve kids a healthy morning meal of whole-grain cereals, bagels, toast, or pancakes with fruit, cheese, and nut butters. In a time crunch, grab a granola or energy bar on your way out the door.

  • Lighten the load

Books, notebooks, calendars, and lunchboxes weigh down your child’s bulging backpack. This burgeoning weight can cause some undue harm to your child’s still-growing body. To minimize the effects, look for a pack with wide padded shoulder straps and a padded back that sits squarely on your child’s back. Make sure your child wears both straps: wearing the pack slung over one shoulder creates misalignment that causes muscle strain. Pack light and place the heaviest objects in the middle of the pack. Rolling backpacks are an option for kids who walk to school or to the bus; however, these can be awkward if your child has a lot of steps to manage.

Now it’s time to hit the books!

DIY Vitamin Water

It’s hot out there and staying hydrated is very important and water is the best way to rehydrate your body. However, sometimes we need a little bit more or we just want a little bit more. It’s no secret that vitamin-enhanced waters are loaded with calories, sugar and chemicals – which provides a short energy burst that only makes you crash later.

There is an alternative! Make a real energy drink at home for a fraction of the price. 

The fruit, herbs and veggies deliver a refreshing mix of vitamins and antioxidants that are proven to give you vital fuel. A homemade drink that tastes great, has all the benefits of the store bought options and you can pronounce all the ingredients. The best part of making this yourself is you have complete control over the nutritional value and sugar content of this drink. You can cater it specifically to your own needs.

Use distilled or purified water. You can use the pur filter on your tap, a Brita or bottled water. Add in your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs.  Here are some options:

  •  You can stir in some dried or fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, chamomile or lavender. Use 2 tbsp per quart. Tie the herbs in a thin muslin bag or put in a stainless steel tea ball or just drop fresh herbs in the water.
  •  You can add fresh fruit or vegetables like orange slices, lemon slices, peaches, berries, apple, pineapple, cucumber, celery, ginger etc. Be creative. Mix and match. Use about 1 -2 cups of fruit or vegetable per quart.  Put into a pitcher and steep overnight in the fridge to let the flavors mingle and mix.

Spring Recipe for Detoxifying the Liver : Mung Bean and Tangerine Peel Soup

Serves 2

Peel an organic tangerine and let the peelings dry. You can leave the peelings out over night.

Take a half of cup of mung beans and soak them for 3 to 4 hours in clean water.

Drain the water and put the mung beans in a pot with 5 cups of fresh clean water and add the dry tangerine peelings.

Use a Slow cooker for 2 hours until beans are ready. If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can bring the beans and water to a boil and then cover them and simmer them for 2 hours.

If you like you can add a little brown sugar, perhaps a tablespoon of brown sugar or a little more – brown sugar is good for absorbing the extra water inside your body – and also can help to balance any infection in the body – organic whole brown sugar is best.

Mung bean and tangerine peel soup is especially good for people who work late and work a lot on the computer – have it a couple of times a week if you like.

If you don’t want to use brown sugar, then you can use good healthy sea, Celtic or Himalayan salt to taste. It is best with this dish to either use the brown sugar or the salt but not both together.

Mung Beans

These little beans are a nutritional powerhouse. Not only are they high in protein, and fiber they are low in saturated fat, contain no cholesterol and are packed with vitamins and minerals. The fiber in these beans is soluble and picks up and captures cholesterol in the blood stream and the intestines and carries it out to be eliminated.

Mung beans not only help detoxify the liver they also support heart health, the immune system and protect against free radicals and conditions like diabetes and cancer.

One cup of mung beans provides approximately 14 grams of protein.

Tangerine Peel

A 2004 Canadian scientific published study showed that tangerine peel has 20 times the antioxidants than found in the juice and helps lower bad cholesterol without diminishing good cholesterol.

The peel of an organic tangerines also helps, relieve stress, detoxify the liver, balance blood sugar.

Dried tangerine peel will last for at least two months if kept in a dry sealed container.

Tangerine Peel Tea

This is simple tea to make. Just boil a pure cup of water, tear off a couple of small pieces of the peel and place in the cup of hot water and seep for 2-3 minutes.

source :

Circadian Rhythms Influence Immunity

This article on the connecting between sleep and your immune system from the Huffington Post outlines how lack of sleep or low quality sleep can have effects beyond feeling the need for a second cup of coffee.

Reflexology can help ease the stress, tension and pain that may interfere with your ability to get good, restful sleep.


It’s common knowledge that too little sleep can increase our odds of getting sick, but a new study sheds light on just how direct the connection is. Researchers found that the body’s circadian clock controls an essential immune system gene in mice — a gene that helps the body ward off bacteria and viruses…read full article

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